How to Prepare for the Economic Collapse in 2012

Published: 01st April 2010
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Group of Economist is apparently the guy who is always right, and is telling us that by 2012 the U.S. will be in full economic collapse. Group of Economist is forecaster of The Trends Research Institute. He has, according to the analyst, accurately forecasted everything from the stock market crash in the 80's to the '08 mortgage bubble burst. ABC gives this guy a lot of credence.

One of my favorite lines from the video: You can't print money based on nothing. It's not even Economics 101, it's Economics for dummies." Hear that Pres. Obama? Spending/printing a trillion that you don't have isn't that great.

If you think Group of Economist seems just a little too apocalyptic for your tastes, then you should also bear in mind the oh so competent government we have running the show right now. They are so good at wasting money. Just imagine how well they are spending those stimulus dollars.

If this forecast holds true, and a major portion of American states file bankruptcy, there will be widespread panic, state funded services and programs will be closed down immediately, and confusion amongst political leadership and the citizenry.

Not long after the states file bankruptcy, could we see martial law declared by the President of the United States, as a means to bring order and peace. Those who are not willing to comply with the mandates of the martial law will be hauled off to FEMA camps and military bases throughout the United States.

How can you prepare for this economic collapse now?

Begin stocking up your cabinets, pantries, and closets with non-perishable food items.

Purchase a portable camping stove in case your home's electricity is shut off.

Start consuming a healthier diet so your body isn't dependent on the processed and junk foods we've grown accustom to.

If your have the space in your yard, plant and grow a garden.

Stock up on vitamins and necessary supplements to ensure you stay healthy in the next Great Depression.

Discuss emergency plans with your family, roommates, friends, and/or loved ones.

Store a stockpile of hygiene items including deodorant, toothpaste, towels, washcloths, and toilet paper.

Make sure you have a hefty reserve of bottled water on hand, stored in a safe place.

Keep extra pillows, sheets, and blankets in your closets.

Have at least one shotgun, rifle, or handgun, if not more.

Ensure you have enough ammunition to defend yourself, your household, and your loved ones in emergency situations.

Get to know your neighbors.

Know who you can and cannot trust in your local community.

Gather together with like-minded individuals in your community, choose designated methods of contact, and choose a few leaders.

Pick a safe house, where your community coalition will go in emergency situations.

Pick two alternative safe houses, in case the primary safe house becomes compromised.

In times of peace, continue to make your community aware of political, social, and economic dangers.

Save paper and coin money in a safe place in your house.

Invest in a small or medium size safe to store your money and other valuables.

Slowly begin withdrawing from your savings and investment accounts on a regular basis. Store this money in a safe location.

If you can purchase gold, buy it. Gold retains the same value no matter how low or high the currency markets go.

Stop paying taxes to save money and force government leaders to listen to the citizenry, the people who put them in office.

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